Saving SQL Server Query Result In Text Format

October 8, 2012 3:05 pm
Andri Kasta Marengga

Saving SQL Server Query Result In Text Format

Saving query result from SSMS is not easy as it seems, some of my colleague copy from SSMS query result and paste it to Excel. Apparently it’s not a problem, but it can be a problem if your data saved in text data type column but containing numeric data.

If you paste this data directly to an Excel worksheet, this data will be automatically formatted as numeric data. For example if you store Serial Number data “00979127897912” it will be pasted as “979127897912” in Excel, and you lost your “00” prefix in your data.

Based on my experience, I found 2 solutions for this matter.

  1. Save result to comma delimited (csv) or tab delimited (txt) file
    After your query executed successfully and display its result in grid, right click on grid and select Save Results As…

    Save Result As

    SSMS – Save Result As

    A save dialog box will appear, specify your file name, format, and where do you want to save your file

  2. Copy and Paste data to Excel worksheet
    First, select all result set, and right click on it and click Copy With Headers

    SSMS - Copy with Headers

    SSMS – Copy with Headers

    Before pasting your data to Excel worksheet, you have to set column format on excel cells.

    1. Select All column by clicking on left top corner, right click there and select Format Cells
    2. Select Text on category field
    3. Click on OK
    Excel - Format as Text

    Excel – Format as Text

    Finally, paste your data there

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